Spring 2020 Collection
Spring 2020 Collection
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Navajo Nation stretches about 27,000 square miles across portions of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, has been the hardest impacted by the COVID-19 virus so far with a total of over 1,100 cases of COVID-19, over 40 confirmed deaths. Experts project these numbers will increase due to a disproportionate number of preexisting health conditions in tribal communities and resource-starved tribal healthcare systems ill-prepared for the pandemic.


According to reports the Navajo Nation experiences some of the highest rates of water poverty in the United States. Navajos are 67 times more likely to not have indoor plumbing, potable water and sanitation in their homes making them incapable to follow hand-washing guidelines that are needed to flatten the curve of the spread of the virus. Additionally, when people haul water, whether from stores and/or watering points, they are continually exposing themselves to others. These challenges are compounded by the fact that health facilities and supplies are scarce across the reservation. The most impacted areas are not obtaining resources like protective equipment and test kits proportionate to their need. 


The community is working to the best of their ability but long-standing inequities present these difficult challenges. Contribute to help address medical and community needs today. In solidarity, when disaster strikes, we can hold up the value of ALL of our neighbors.