When a young immigrant woman becomes separated from her group while smuggling drugs across the Sonoran desert border, she discovers an unexpected source of kindness and hope in the form of a teenage boy from a nearby reservation. Together, they must overcome language barriers and cultural differences while they anxiously await her family's arrival

Cast & Crew:

  • Starring:
    • Yubi Brucitto as Evelyn 
    • Daniel Marquez as Daniel
    • Lionel Thundercloud as Uncle
  • Directed by: Kenneth Shirley and Adam Conte
  • Written by: Chelsea Healy, Kenneth Shirley, Lionel Thundercloud, and Salma Perez
  • Executive Producer: Jhane Myers
  • Cinematographer: Ian Grau
  • Composer: Adrian Thomas
  • Production Designer: Ian Erlandson

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News: Upcoming Screenings:

  • Red Nation Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  • Reel Cinema Film Festival (Hollywood, Florida)


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